The Twitter Wrestling Community Groweth

Those of you who have just joined us may be wondering.

Why is he talking about twitter when he has a YouTube Channel to shill instead?

Thank to some too sweet individuals in the wrestling community. Follow Friday has become a follow train to new follower heights. Yes I said follow several times in that past sentence and I regret nothing.

Started by UttRob a few months ago the Friday Wrestling Twitter Follow Train has grown week to week where some of the tweets are being seen almost 10k times. 


That kind of exposure is pretty hard to give up and due to Fowl Original Wrestling on YouTube getting it’s live streaming privileges revoked, I had to try and use Twitter to get out my wrestling chit chat.


@Its0nlyRachel aka Rachereen Dream at the moment has also been setting the live tweetalongs on fire and as the weeks went on I have met many like minded fans around the twitterverse.

When I get Periscope fixed I can also actually live stream and communicate with these folks. (If you want to help that you can support the channel Support Fowl Original to get new equipment for the show)

There’s a new show every Thursday night we are calling #thursdaynightdeletion where with the help of my own Vanguard 1 named Crowdfire I go through all of the inactive and non followers from the Fowl Original Twitter. My own tongue in cheek homage to the true Broken Brilliance exuded by Broken Matt Hardy. 

Crowdfire has also helped with something that was really halting my twitter domination and that was scheduled tweets. My twitter is usually off the top of my brain thoughts and things I’m seeing on the internet. Now I can plan a little in advance and multi task as some of you will know it’s very easy to get stuck in a twitter black hole. #twitteratemylife

Everyday in advance we I have written a personal message to wrestler’s having their birthday with an accompanying GIF if possible. These are scheduled to spread out through the day and it has been helping grow the twitter numbers and engagement too.

 All in all the relatively small price paid for having a better handle on being able to actually unfollow bots without having to spend hours scrolling through the people I follow. The first cull was almost 750 accounts which hadn’t tweeted for 18 months. That’s insane. 

Once I get YouTube Live Streaming back I will be looking into getting TubeBuddy for the YouTube channel as I saw them massive benefits during my 14 day trial. Also they have discounts for smaller youtubers which really makes me want to get the Youtube Certified app for day to day video management on the site.

With Wrestlemania season on the horizon and the Fowl Original Wrestling watchalong temporarily moving to Twitch

It seems like the perfect time to start reaching out to others who watch Sports Entertainment and let them know that Fowl Original likes Wrestling. How about you?

This has been A Fowl Original Update

Thanks for reading

See you next time.