A Return To The IRL Workforce Isn’t All Bad Of Course

A Return To The IRL Workforce Isn’t All Bad Of Course
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Hi there I’m Fowl Original and some of you out there may already know me. Some of you may be just meeting me for the first time, so hello. I’ve been a “content-creator” since 2016, even though I find it hard to call myself that sometimes.

My start came on YouTube making the kind of content people made in 2016, with a wrestling flavour. I made a list video for a Top 10, which is still my highest viewed video to date. I took inspiration from many YouTubers but WrestleLamia was the one who really drove me to create, even though I’ve changed so much since then.

Fowl Original was the “brand” and internet name I created for everything that I would do from then on. A brand before such things were called brands I guess. I spent some time on Periscope as Fowl Original, getting over a million hearts and learning how to live stream at the end of 2016 and most of 2017, even live streaming from New York at one point on an impromptu holiday in June 2017.

Fowl has allowed me to do things on the internet that I never would have been able to do as myself as it gave me a way to separate myself from everyone else. The numbers truly don’t really mean anything and even though I may have reached “infamy” on Periscope these things are more personal milestones in my opinion, than achievements per se. Even though can be interchangeable.

I have bounced around so many online platforms since I first started but found Twitter to be a natural home for me to be able to speak about the passion which has always been there. The passion of professional wrestling. Being on Twitter has allowed me to have conversations with some of my childhood heroes and people I watch on TV. To me Twitter is a level playing field for everyone and allows us to truly make ourselves heard.

In January 2020, I quit a permanent and comfortable job which was making me miserable in real life. I hated going there. I didn’t feel challenged. I felt taken advantage of. I could see my future being one of settling for the easy & safe option as my dreams slipped away.

After I left that job, I spent a week, possibly two, overwhelmed & anxious with the decision I had made. I had everyone telling me to get a new job, which was my first plan as well but I wanted to try and give everything I had spent nearly 4 years working on a chance.

Then after 2 weeks of feeling listless, I bet on myself and started to get to work on truly being me again. Not a watered down version of me shouldering the concerns of a job which I had let define me. This time I would search for the real me again, one I had lost as I chased a “normal” life.

When Lockdown hit in the UK in March 2020, it was again a knock to what I was doing in real life but allowed me the time and freedom to try and find me again. While my housemates tried to find things to occupy their new free time. I poured more of my time into Fowl business. I made Twitter life, my life. Even though I live in the United Kingdom, I lived on the Eastern Standard Time Zone to keep in step with my Transatlantic counterparts. It kept me sane as the world burned around everyone and wrestling remained the only constant.

Since January 2020,

  • I have been on NWA Circle Squared, the NWA Hard Times media call asking Nick Aldis a question about UK Gladiators and had a chance to interact with wrestlers & companies I never would have dreamed.
  • I have created video edit mashups in a way I never thought I could do and people actually liking them.
  • I have felt comfortable to share my guitar playing and singing with the Twitterverse after being nicknamed “70’s Singer-Songwriter” by Chris Freaking Jericho. That one was a big one for me personally.

  • Released an Album called Wrestling With Coffee Vol 1 made up of Wrestling Theme Covers in an acoustic fashion which is now on Spotify, Apple Music and so many other places
  • I have had a chance to create photo edits and mashups which have also been shared and liked by so many it makes me humble to no end.
  • I started a kind of Podcast Network of one called Radio Fowl with more Fiction based content including a Breakfast Show.
  • I’ve started a Patreon which has been way more successful than I thought it would be with an audience who keep me going.
  • I created a parody PWI500 cover & then loads more which took the internet by storm
  • Got birthday wishes from a whole heap of people on my lockdown birthday in June
  • Started a Redbubble Store for my digital art work
  • I’ve found a group of people who have become friends over the years & have motivated me to no end
  • The kindness of people to donate money to me when I literally had no money and couldn’t eat.

Plus so much more that I couldn’t even begin to list here because I feel it would just be gauche to humble brag anymore.

I write this on Saturday September 12th 2020 3PM with a few more days till I have my first paycheck from a new IRL job that will allow me to find that Work/Life/Fowl balance I have been looking for.

It took me an intensive 9 months to find the kind of content creator I am. However it took me almost 4 years to get to that point. To rise above the noise of people, wanting to take advantage of my good nature and those who truly cared for me and my journey. I found out that I am more of an “all-around content creator”. I’m not as afraid to speak my mind as I once was. I have tried as much as I can to shed myself of anyone I “felt” was toxic to stop me falling down that rabbit hole of hate. Please understand that is my personal opinion but a lot of the times those people have proven time and time again that it’s something they may never be able to change. I don’t want to have to deal with people acting the victim when it many cases they are the perpetrator of their own drama.

For those who may be reading this I urge you to find that passion and put your all into it;

  • Be realistic though, if I thought I could survive on just Fowl Internet money’s I wouldn’t be getting a “shoot” job now IRL to help keep this content train going.
  • Don’t think that you’re gonna be the next breakout sensation and remember there have been weeks when I literally just ate toast all week long to keep this going.
  • Good content will pay the bills in time but don’t rely on this to be you primary source of income as for most of you if won’t be.
  • Up skill yourself in the software and tools needed to make your own thumbnails, image and video content
  • Don’t drink your own kool-aid, as in time that might be all you can afford.
  • Don’t be forced into doing content or trying to be someone you’re not just for the views or engagement
  • Don’t constantly try to funnel people to your content, people will get sick of it & stop helping you
  • Don’t spend all your time on a specific platform, as it can become tiresome for you & sap your energy
  • Keep in mind that this could all end tomorrow & your only legacy will be your digital footprint out here

In closing, I’ve seen many of my peers hang up their Podcasting and even Content Creator hats over the past few months. A lot of them I consider my friends & I will miss them pushing me to be better, however the bar they set before they left is a high watermark still to be reached. I thank them for this and all the ways they helped me over this year. From donations to being a sounding board when I needed it. For always checking in on me when they could and making me feel like people were listening out there.

This is a new chapter in the journey of Fowl. I was never trying to be anyone else but I am more me now than I possibly ever was. Join me on Twitter @fowl_original to chat if you want. There will be some changes on here as well slowly but surely as I find time. Expect more musings, some even wrestling based on here, on an infrequent basis as we go. This is just the start of the show.

– Fowl Original

If you want to buy me coffee, a beer or even virtual dinner then please do paypal.me/fowloriginal

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