AEW Revolution 2020 PPV Preview and Predictions

AEW Revolution 2020 PPV Preview and Predictions
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Hello everyone and welcome to another Fowl Original. All Elite Wrestling has a big show this weekend. AEW Revolution 2020 is almost here. Coming to you LIVE from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois on February 29th 2020 on FITE TV outside the United States. Check out the link below. It’s available in the United States on BR Live and PPV.

With that lets have a preview and give you my predictions for AEW Revolution. Make sure you drop yours in the comments and throw a like too if you could.

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So without further ado let start with:

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

A match which is definitely gonna be entertaining if anything else. On the February 26th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite in a post match interview with Tony Schiavone PAC would comment on his loss against Kenny Omega immediately after their brutal 30 min Iron Man Match. He asked Tony what he was trying to achieve with this interview. While he started to vent, he was interrupted by the one and only Orange Cassidy. The freshly squeezed one would approach PAC on the entrance way and remove his trademark sunglasses. PAC would hit him with an elbow to the face as the trainers, Jerry Lynn and BJ Whitmer, plus security from the back came to break it up.

Later in the evening it was confirmed that we will have PAC V Orange Cassidy at AEW Revolution 2020. An interesting match to say the least and I’m sure this feud could see some very entertaining stuff from the two of them. I’m gonna pick PAC to pick up the win here with some cheeky shenanigans. Possibly setting up a longer running feud between the two of them eventually culminating in Cassidy having to get more serious.

PAC to win

The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Grayson) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky)

All Elite Wrestling, LLC
All Elite Wrestling, LLC

One of the long running stories on Being The Elite has been that of Christopher Daniels possibly being a part of the Dark Order after his losing streak throughout most of his time in AEW. CD has denied this constantly to his teammates Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian. Evil Uno has helped to fan that flames of this by trying to recruit him openly and Daniels not always being around to help when SCU needs it. The Dark Order have constantly stated that they have members in The Elite and possibly SCU. This match has been brewing for some time and was announced on the February 26th Episode of Dynamite.

The Dark Order need the win in this match in my opinion to keep them strong for the foreseeable future. The Dark Order are strong in their numbers and I can see a lot of interference from the other members to keep SCU on their toes. In the end though I see the Dark Order winning this match.

This match is mired in all kind of speculation and as a late addition to the show probably won’t have massive story line implications yet. The larger question is probably will we see a new member of The Dark Order. Will it be Christopher Daniels as the higher power he would have been in the WWE or will we see a finally fully Broken Matt Hardy on March 4th 2020 after his contract with the WWE has ended?

Dark Order to win

Jake Hager V Dustin Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

On the 5th episode of Dynamite on October 30, 2019 during the contract signing for Chris Jericho V Cody for the AEW Championship at AEW Full Gear we were thrown backstage. The Inner Circle was starting to show how dangerous it could really be when we saw Sammy Guevara. He had a hold of the camera as Jake Hager was attacking Dustin Rhodes in the car park backstage. Hager would go on to slam The Natural’s arm in a car door breaking it. Dustin would go onto sell this “injury” for some weeks. While he recovered Hager would continue to be the muscle for Jericho and the Inner Circle helping them to victories through his usually illegal interference at ringside. He would not have a singles match in AEW but would go onto compete in an MMA fight at Bellator 231 on October 25th 2019 against Anthony Garrett. In a situation of MMA imitating Professional Wrestling, Hager would give Garrett an illegal knee to the groin, ending the match in a “No Contest” in the first round in 1 min 56 seconds. Even though this would end the fight Hager would keep his undefeated MMA record at 2 wins and zero losses. Dustin Rhodes would return to AEW Dynamite on the 10th Episode  December 4th 2019. He would team with the Young Bucks Nick and Matt Jackson to beat the team of Santana and Ortiz & Sammy Guevara gaining some revenge for his attack at their hands back in October. But The Natural wasn’t finished. 

Fast forward to the February 12th Episode of Dynamite and Rhodes finally beat Sammy Guevara one on one. After the match he would turn his attention to Jake Hager. He called him out for being a “failure” in both mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Challenging him to a match at AEW Revolution. Hager would accept and the match was made for February 29th 2020 at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

The upcoming match will be Hager’s official in-ring debut in the company since signing with the company and appearing on AEW Dynamite since the premiere episode on October 2, 2019.

This match has me quite conflicted for many reasons. One of the things I have loved about all of Dustin and Cody’s feuds have been the way they make me truly invested emotionally in the story. Seeing Dustin fight the Inner Circle week in week out and even in losing he shows that he can still hang with the best out there. Hager is an unknown quantity we haven’t seen him wrestle for sometime in any promotion and it will be interesting to see how much rust he has out there. I’m also unsure if he should lose out there even though the usual story here would be for Dustin to win.

Either way this match could be a hell of an opener for the evening and set the bar for the rest of the night. With that I would say that Jake Hager will pick up the win here and maybe starting a best of series between the 2. 

Maybe Best of 3 Series split over Dynamites moving forward? Even an AEW Dark to help kick off the series when it hits TNT as the second show? I’m here for it

Jake Hager to win

Darby Allin V Sammy Guevara

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara have been hailed as the future of professional wrestling by many, me included, yet their journey’s in AEW have been totally different. While Allin would go it alone and throw caution to the wind, Sammy would join the Inner Circle and the protection it afforded him.

This would come to a head on the January 29th 2020 Episode of AEW Dynamite. The Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz and AEW Heavyweight Champion “Le Champion” Chris Jericho would face off against Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen in a 6 Man Tag Main Event. The match would see all 6 men try they could to get the win. Private Party and Allin would show great speed and resilience against Proud & Powerful’s Santana and Ortiz. Amazing aerial displays from Private Party and a sick looking coffin drop from Allin were not enough in the end. With some attempted interference from Jake Hager, Jericho was able to hit the Judas effect on Isiah Kassidy pinning him and getting the pin fall victory.

Immediately after in the post match beat down the Inner Circle would target Darby Allin in particular. Jake Hager would hit him with the low blow, Proud & Powerful would hit him with the loaded sock, whatever is in that really packs a punch. Sammy would take his skateboard and play a little air guitar with it, drives it into his Allin’s gut and then drives it sickeningly into his throat. Moxley would come down to try and break it up with a baseball bat but the damage was already done.

Since then Allin has been off TV, on February 12th we saw a video from him on AEW Dynamite mocking Sammy’s Picture in Picture cue cards. He challenges Sammy to a match at AEW Revolution and Sammy accepts. The match is made for February 29th 2020.

Another hard match to call a winner for, but I would think that we would probably see Sammy win here, with some possible interference from the hired gun Jeff Cobb. Expect to see even Excalibur have trouble trying to call the moves between these 2 guys. Quick insane gravity defying moves from Sammy and unbelievable quickness from Allin.

This match could steal the show and I can’t wait to see them go at it. Really hard to call.

Sammy Guevara to win

Nyla Rose V Kris Statlander

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

On the February 12th episode of Dynamite AEW Women’s Champion Riho would go up against the Native Beast Nyla Rose. Last time the 2 went head-to-head one-on-one Riho would come out the victor. That match on the debut episode of AEW Dynamite back on October 2nd 2019 would see Riho pick up the win against Nyla and become the first AEW Women’s Champion. Nyla would continue on her path of destruction as Riho managed to retain the championship even though she wasn’t always around to defend it.

After Riho seemed to be about to win, Nyla Rose would turn the tide and after a series of impressive false finishes. Rose would spear Riho almost in half and then with a vicious sit out powerbomb got the pin fall and with a 1, 2,3 we would have a new AEW Women’s Champion.

After the match Nyla would go backstage to celebrate and would see Kenny Omega and most of the women’s roster in AEW looking almost scared of her. Kenny Omega of course is the backstage producer for the AEW Women’s division and it was great to see the attention to detail this segment had.

The next week on the February 20th episode of AEW Dynamite, Nyla would her first interview as AEW Women’s Champion to Tony Schiavone. She would go onto say that her face should be on all of the posters and that she should have been the first champion. She says that she breaks b*tches and then grabbing the microphone off Tony she tells the crowd she represents power. She is the Queen Bee in this hive. She goes onto say that she is going to be a One time champion because nobody can beat her. Quick aside I loved this whole promo from Nyla. What a great promo.

With that the alien, Kris Statlander, who had been victorious against Shanna earlier in the evening and the Number 2 in the rankings joined her on the ramp. She gives her trademark “boop” to Nyla on the nose and then gives a “boop” to the AEW Women’s title. As this goes on Big Swole joins them and starts to give Nyla some attitude herself seeming to show she is not intimidated either. Before this can break down, Security and the Referees separate the 3 women stopping any kind of brawl. Swole and Statlander exchange a glance but we go to commercial break.

Kris Statlander has quickly become a fan favourite in AEW with her quirky Alien gimmick and appearances on Being The Elite with Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends. This probably won’t be enough against a woman who is one of the most dominant forces I’ve seen in women’s wrestling for some time. Expect to see Nyla try to break Statlander in half at AEW Revolution and all the “boops” in the world won’t be able to save her. I pick Nyla Rose to retain the AEW Women’s Championship.

Nyla Rose to win

Cody V MJF

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

The story of Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Cody Rhodes started on Being The Elite as the American Nightmare took MJF under his wing as his protege. MJF would act nice to Cody but horribly to all of his friends behind his back. This ongoing story thread showed that Cody was oblivious to MJF’s actions and was played as comic relief throughout. All the way till the first AEW Dynamite MJF would be in Cody’s corner in his matches. However, there always seemed to be a feeling that MJF felt conflicted and could turn at any time.

Fast forward to November 9th, 2019. AEW Full Gear. Cody was facing AEW World Champion Chris Jericho for the title. There was a stipulation that if Cody was unable to beat Jericho he could never challenge for the AEW Championship again. The stakes high in this match would lead to Cody taking chances and not knowing when to quit. When Le Champion put Cody into a Liontamer submission, MJF threw in the towel, as it looked like Cody had been through enough and as a member of his team couldn’t let the match continue. Jericho would retain and Cody would not be able to challenge for the AEW Championship again. After the match, a tearful MJF came into the ring to console his equally disappointed mentor. Then out of nowhere Maxwell Jacob Friedman would give The American Nightmare a low blow kick, adding salt to the wounds of that night.

The next week on the November 13th 2019 episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF would tell us that Cody was a liar and a sociopath. He told us that he didn’t really care about the fans and he was keeping MJF down by not giving him a match at AEW Full Gear. Cody would come out to confront MJF but was attacked by a newly debuting Wardlow. MJF would introduce him as his bodyguard and Warlow would now accompany MJF wherever he went. 

MJF would start to use Cody’s finishing move the Cross Rhodes and call it The Double Cross. He would also be victorious in the over the top rope Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale, winning the Dynamite Diamond Ring. He would start to walk around backstage and during his entrance wearing the ring and getting fan and talent to kiss it.

We would hear from Cody on the December 4th 2019 episode of Dynamite. He said it was not MJF’s decision to throw in the towel for him and that only he could make that decision. He says he took in MJF when too many people thought he wasn’t good enough. Cody said he knew MJF was a bad guy but he was his bad guy. He says he doesn’t deal in absolutes and that he needs to face MJF. He would offer up his Ford Black Ops Truck, the Omega C Watch given to him by Tony Khan, his Red Bottom Louis Vuitton Shoes for the match. He says he can go higher and calls Justin Roberts into the ring. Justin brings in a briefcase and Cody would reveal $50,000 inside. Justin, on Cody’s request would take a $100 bill to a young fan in the crowd to validate it was real. Cody asked MJF to name his price for a match and that we are all waiting.

The next week on the December 11th 2019, Dynamite. MJF would accept the match but wanted Cody to suffer so he would be naming some stipulations that Cody would have to agree to. If these weren’t met then the two would not face off.

On the January 1st 2020, Homecoming Edition of AEW Dynamite MJF would lay out the stipulations that Cody would have to agree and abide by to get his match at the February PPV.

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

Firstly Cody could not touch MJF until the match.

Secondly Cody would have to defeat his bodyguard Wardlow in a steel cage

Finally Cody would have to get on his knees in the middle of the ring and take 10 lashes from MJF in front of the world.

On the Bash At The Beach Episode of Dynamite on January 15th 2020 Cody would accept the stipulations. In the following weeks neither man would touch even if on the Jericho Cruise, the Young Bucks would throw MJF into the pool.

On the February 5th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF would give Cody the 10 lashes live on the show. Accompanied to the ring by Arn Anderson and his wife Brandi. Cody would take each lash with hurt and anguish on his face from not just the whipping but from the frustration of not being able to do anything about it. Wardlow would even give one of the lashes to Cody himself. Cody’s brother Dustin would come out to try and help him get through this offering moral support as MJF continued the humiliation. Angry that this had not caused Cody to attack him he would quickly hit a low blow on The American Nightmare and retreated through the crowd with Wardlow.

On the February 19th 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite we would see Cody V Wardlow in the first ever Cage match in AEW history. The match was brutal with Cody being busted open by the cage quite early on against the bodyguard of MJF and all around beast Wardlow. MJF would try to interfere and climb into the cage on the outside by would be stopped by Brandi Rhodes with a chair shot to the back. Cody would take a big risk and go for a moonsault off the top of the cage on Wardlow to help secure his victory and pick up the win. The final stipulation met and The American Nightmare wearing a crimson mask knowing his match with MJF at AEW Revolution 2020 would go ahead.

Another really hard match to call and one which has had shades of grey throughout. MJF has been such a sympathetic villain in this feud as we can see his side. Waiting for AEW to pull the trigger on him as a heel and then the absolute glee he takes in playing the bad guy have been entertaining as hell.

Expect to see a match with an emotional match with MJF employing all of his tricks to try and get the win. Even if he lost MJF would look great coming out of this as a really believable heel. However even though I would think that Cody should pick up the win here I really want MJF to win. Continuing his tirade against Cody with a win over him would help propel him further into the main event scene. Even though the win would be cathartic, the fall out of MJF not yet getting his comeuppance and drawn out that little bit longer could be even better.

MJF is the salt of the earth and that’s why I think he’ll win. Don’t believe me, why not ask him? Wait, he doesn’t believe you. Then go ahead and kiss his ring.

MJF to win

Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c)  V Young Bucks (AEW Tag Team Title Match)

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

The Elite have ruled the wrestling world for some time and cemented themselves at the top of that world on January 1st 2019 when they announced All Elite Wrestling.

Kenny Omega is known as the best bout machine breaking Dave Meltzer’s 5 star scale bringing in 6 and 7 star matches. The Young Bucks are arguably one of the best tag teams in the whole world and have been in that spot for multiple years. Then there’s Adam Page.

After losing his chance at being the first AEW World Champion against Chris Jericho he has been on a downward trajectory. During Being The Elite he was seen to start drinking heavily and start to become depressed.

Adam Page and Kenny would tag together on multiple occasions but Page seemed like he didn’t want to be there. The team would have a title shot against the AEW Tag Team Champions, So Cal Uncensored’s or SCU’s Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian on the Chris Jericho Cruise on January 22nd 2020. Omega and Page were victorious and they became the new AEW Tag Team Champions. However, Page’s continued drinking had started to now become more of an issue and he questioned Kenny’s loyalty to their team over the Young Bucks.

On Being The Elite, he would find it hard to co-exist with Kenny and The Young Bucks and others backstage were worried about Page’s continued alcohol abuse. What was once played for comical effect was now a real problem. PAC had been targeting Micheal Nakazawa to try and goad Omega into another match and Page was never in a fit state to get back there to help him. Preferring the post match drink with the crowd instead.

During an 8 Man Tag on the February 5th 2020 Episode of AEW Dynamite, he and Kenny would team up with The Young Bucks to take on The Butcher and The Blade and The Lucha Bros, Pentagon Jr and Tey Fenix. During the Elite’s entrance Page looked uncomfortable and really unhappy to be with his friends on their way to the ring. At the close of the match Page would reject a tag from The Young Bucks and end up losing the match after being pinned by Pentagon Jr, due to some shenanigans from the other team.

Even with this loss, the team of Omega and Page would successfully defend their championships against the former champions SCU on the February 15th 2020 Episode of Dynamite. Of course, Page would drink to celebrate after the match.

Meanwhile on Being The Elite. After hearing about a scheduled Tag Team Battle Royale for a number one contender’s shot at their AEW Tag Titles featuring the Young Bucks. Page would speak to the other teams while heavily intoxicated. He told them about weaknesses that the Jackson brothers may have to try and give the advantage to another team. He seemed to have malice towards the Young Bucks and didn’t want them to win.

On the February 19th 2020 Episode of Dynamite we would open the show with the Tag Team Battle Royale. The Bucks would be victorious in this match and earn a number one contender’s match at the AEW Tag Team Champions. Later on in the night Page and Omega would successfully defend their AEW Tag Team titles against the Lucha Bros after their sublime V Trigger – Buckshot Lariat combo. The match was set The Young Bucks V Omega and Page at AEW Revolution 2020.

On the final AEW Dynamite February 26th 2020  before AEW Revolution we would get a pre-recorded sitdown interview between the two teams moderated by good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. The interview would quickly turn sour when The Young Bucks say they are going to beat the other 2 for the titles. Kenny seems to want to keep out of this and looks quite uncomfortable as The Bucks say that if they hadn’t helped Page he  would just be another guy in ROH. After this Page’s beer is finished which he has been drinking throughout the interview and just walks off set.

This for me has been one of the greatest parts of AEW watching all the small details which can add a lot of depth to matches and feuds. I’m thinking that we may finally see the turn of Adam Page especially if he and Omega lose the titles at AEW Revolution. If not tonight then maybe at the next AEW Dynamite. Either way I would think it is a good bet that The Young Bucks finally add AEW Tag Team Champions to their long line of accomplishments.

The Young Bucks to win

“Le Champion” Chris Jericho V Jon Moxley (AEW World Title Match

All Elite Wrestling, LLC


A feud which has been beautiful in it’s simplicity and rich in shades of grey throughout. AEW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho has surrounded himself with a group to help protect him throughout his reign so far. Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz have helped him with distractions and even softening up challengers before he would face them. Sometimes even straight up interference in matches. He felt like he was untouchable after defeating Cody at AEW Full Gear. Cody would not get a future shot if he lost and lose he did. Jericho wouldn’t have too long to celebrate as he saw a threat looming on the horizon. That man was Jon Moxley. Moxley was and is untamed fury and was on his way to become the number one contender to Le Champion.

On the December 11th 2019 episode Dynamite Jon Moxley would be invited to join Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. Over the next few weeks Moxley would think about it. On the 2020 New Year’s Day Homecoming episode of AEW Dynamite from Jacksonville. Jericho would offer Moxley 49% of the Inner Circle LLC to lead the Inner Circle with him as equal partners. Yes that’s Jericho maths where 49% is equal to a 50/50 split. He offers him the position of Executive Vice President if he says yes. He also offered Moxley a brand new Ford GT supercar – actually belonging to AEW owner Tony Khan – worth according to Jericho anyway, millions of dollars with a vanity license plate reading “Mox”

This brings us to the January 7th episode of Dynamite. Moxley would accept the invitation in a main event segment agreeing to join the Inner Circle. After a few minutes of celebration and after a little bit of the bubbly Moxley would actually reject the offer and smash Jericho over the head with one of his signature champagne bottles. Escaping from the ring like a man possessed after hitting Sammy Guevara with the Paradigm Shift DDT, and with the keys to the Ford GT in his hands, Moxley would get one up on Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle.

Jericho would attack Moxley during a post match beatdown driving a metal spike into his right eye on the January 15th Bash At The Beach Edition of Dynamite. Even with this serious injury it was not enough to stop Moxley on his journey to become AEW World Champion. Moxley would go onto become the Number 1 Contender to Jericho’s AEW Championship on the January 22nd Chris Jericho Rock N Rager Cruise Episode Of AEW Dynamite after he defeated PAC in a brutal match.

Over the following weeks, Moxley would face the members of the Inner Circle on his way to the title match. Beating each of them with ease. Jericho even brought in free agent, Jeff Cobb as a hired gun to try and take out Moxley but he could not be stopped.

On the February 26th Episode of AEW Dynamite during a contract signing weigh in segment in the main event Moxley would get one more lick in before their match. He would headbutt Jericho so hard he busted him open but Le Champion would have the final laugh after the rest of his #PainmakerPosse would pounce onto Moxley. Jericho would hit Mox’s Paradigm Shift DDT on the weighing machine knocking him out cold as he stood victorious holding aloft his AEW World Championship.

Now as much as I would love to see Moxley come out the AEW World Champion at Revolution I’m not convinced. Jericho as Le Champion has been great throughout the life of AEW and every week we love to hate the AEW Champion. He is having some of the best matches of his career with the future of this business and whoever takes the belt off him will truly have some big shoes to fill. As Moxley is currently the NJPW United States Champion I just don’t see him winning the AEW Championship at Revolution. If he did it would signal some major backstage happening and even a real AEW, New Japan partnership down the road. Will that forbidden door be opened sooner rather than later?

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

On reflection though I would think that Jericho will retain the Championship here with some possible interference. With the announcement of Lance Archer becoming All Elite and the last time these 2 men faced off in New Japan at Wrestle Kingdom January 20th 2020 they almost killed each other in a Texas Deathmatch. The master of the Every Body Dies claw may want some revenge and this would be a perfect place to take it.

Chris Jericho to win

Those are my predictions and a quick preview of AEW Revolution.

Come and join me for a LIVE Watchalong on on the night of the show

Which match are you most excited for on the card? Do you agree with my predictions and what did I miss?

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