Copyright Strike : The End Of The Road To Wrestlemania?

If you’re following along at home then you’ll know that over at


I do live streams where you see my pretty face and we watch along to the WWE PPV airing live on a monthly basis. We have also been doing the same for 5 Star Wrestling on a Thursday night as it airs in the UK on Freesports UK and all around the internet.

I was a little late this week and started the show at 11.30PM as the show began I started the show as the first match began. Even though I was not showing the actual picture it seems that the audio may have been a little too high.

12.08AM GMT March 12th 2018, 8 minutes into WWE Fastlane 2018, the chat in YouTube stops and I start seeing twitter messages on my phone. I mosied back over to my YouTube stream on my phone as I saw the dreaded message.

My first ever copyright strike and a sad day for the Fowl Original Wrestling YouTube channel. I have countered the claim by the WWE but if they wait the full time then that is 90 days of this.

We’ll soldier on over on Twitch ( and maybe even a dual stream over on Periscope. However, it seems as if Fowl Original Wrestling will not be able to chat about the Grandest Stage of Them All on YouTube Live on the night.

Stay tuned for more updates along the way but the #RoadTo1KSubs is still the goal and I hope you join me on this journey. Of course you can always support by going here or subscribing to Fowl Original Wrestling on YouTube.

As I won’t be able to put Live content up I will be focusing on more of the documentary style content so look forward to more of that.

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