We now have donation and subscription options available

As the site starts to build back up bit by bit I realised that I haven’t let you all know about the donation and subscription options. 

Support Fowl Original

If you want to support the channel and moi then you can in many ways from clicking her to do a one time donation https://www.streamlabs.com/fowloriginalwrestling

If I’m streaming on YouTube at that time it will also flash up on screen and you’ll get a shoutout for being so generous.

If you want to donate on an ongoing basis though then go and support me at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/fowloriginal 

Tiered rewards and some fun stuff is coming over there including exclusive live streams, Q+As and sneak peeks for new content.

Lastly if you want to go the way of the future and give me cryptocurrency we can do that too

Bitcoin – BTC – 19ciYfsNMykATBZQfq4kQkKR4KjpkFMa69

Ethereum – ETH – 0xC2e8d5A943148a767951F79bDCEF840681FED0F7

Either way you’re awesome and are helping the dream to continue. 

Remember to like, share and subscribe to Fowl Original Wrestling for most of your wrestling live stream needs.


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